Sport Relief 2014

Well done Jamie Barker on a wonderful first Sport Relief for the school: Between 10am and 12pm, 28 of us turned up in our pyjamas or “onesies” to do karate like few could.

Sport Relief

Event: The making up of the first “onesie” kata in the history of the world.

The boys won!

Earth’s captain did a fine job and raised £100 for a great cause!

Karate’s largest pyjama party!??

This Saturday join Earth’s Captain, Jamie, for a karate lesson with a difference: Instead of karate suits that look like pyjamas! WEAR YOUR ACTUAL PYJAMAS/ONESIE.

Bananas_in_pyjamasFeel free to bring your mascot!

Karate pyjama party will have a few events to raise awareness/a little money for sport relief. Sports play a huge role in Rushcliffe- the home of Bunbu Dojo and quality karate.

Karate requires balance

A lifelong Strictly fan (and proud), James was asked by a West Bridgford local to join her in her dancing efforts for Nottinghamshire Hospice.


Bryony is a nurse of 13 years,  member of Home Pierrepont Running Club and dancing partner to Bunbu Dojo’s James Martin.

Over the next few weeks Bryony and James will be taking dance lessons. They will then perform at an event at Goosedale Conference Centre on the 25th April 2014 at 7:30pm


If you would like to come and support and laugh with/at James, tickets are £12 or donations welcome (£350pp needs to be raised to take part)

Thank you Morrisons shoppers!

For those who have generously donated money today thank you!

I would like to assure you that your money is 100% being used to benefit the children who have kindly given up their Sunday to help pack your bag and meet you.

The Bunbu Dojo Karate is school is an extremely large school serving the community of West Bridgford and Lady Bay. We are also a relatively a new school and lacking in the resources to match our ambition and time frame. The expenses of competition, equipment and mats are too much for our school to fund without the help of your generosity or support. Training our squad requires hundreds of pounds in hall hire, petrol for transport and equipment to practice with.

Gum shields, approved competition equipment, and 64 mats to practice on runs into the thousands before we even face an opponent, so every penny helps us.


We are very proud of our members and we hope that you were impressed by the motivation, focus and determination of our future champions when you met them today.

March starts with a bang!

With our 2nd squad training session of the year bringing in 25 attendees, our first ‘Brown and Black belt session’ brought over 20 karate students from Loughborough, Lincolnshire and our own dojo.

Brown and black belt training

Simon Bligh took the first session – traditional hard training fitting of grades from Brown to 5th Dan! The technical second session was led by James Martin.

Thank you for those who attended and the next one is in May. Email for details.

Next event – 9th March – Bag packing at Morrisons, Gamston.

Next Grading – 16th March – Lady Bay Scout Hut, Mona Rd
9:00 am white belts and young learners
10:00 am under green belt (level one)
11:00 am – 1:00 pm Green  – Purple
1:00 – 2:00 pm Brown Belt

3rd Annual ‘founder member’ pizza night

Three years ago, a small ritual was born to thank the few initial dojo members for helping us to grow. The occasion is always welcomed and, more importantly, the table now represents over 40 years of karate experience.

3rd annual dinner

  • Henry joined at age 4. He’s now 9 and Captain of house ‘Fire’
  • Liam joined at 8 and is now 12 and Captain of house ‘Water
  • Jane began when she was 9. She is now 13 and children’s chief instructor!
  • Rik Hemsley joined as an adult – a purple belt from another school. He’s now an instructor and the school’s chairman
    And of course…
  • James Martin. 5 years ago teaching the first week with only 3 members. Now teaching over 100. Numbers still growing!

And here’s the last couple of years:

1st and 2nd karate dinners

Growth of this school has always been matched with new opportunities and events; taking your money and making it work harder. I am proud of our fair prices and supportive members.

Due to long serving members still with us,  hopefully the table for the 4th meeting will be bigger and the dojo wallet – smaller!

Leading the way: Fire House

The ‘house system’ of the school allows children to further develop team working and collaboration skills.

Children are left to manage and develop their houses with minimal intervention as long as they fulfil the criteria of benefit to:
-Wider community

House Fire, Captained by Henry and Louis, orchestrated a cake bake to donate to the Friary drop-in centre within their community.


Hundreds of cakes cooked by the members found their way to the food kitchens to be distributed to vulnerable adults.

The instructors would like to thank Henry, Louis and members of House Fire for initiative and a great event to end our Kangeiko.

2nd annual Kangeiko

kangeiko-2014-02-17The Japanese concept of ‘Kangeiko’ (literally,  coldest time of the year training) seeks to bring together the coldness of the weather with martial training/spirit.

Trying to communicate this through to our members we add our own unique twist to help make our members well-rounded individuals.

The message is simple: The small sacrifice of a warm bed, house and early 7am meet in the park  allows us to at least empathise in a small way with those who may not enjoy the luxuries we take for granted. The running and training for an hour allows us to align with the traditional Kangeiko.

Last year we used our last day for a well needed food drop for charity. This year we reach out to our community and donate cooked goods, thanks to a 9 year old member’s initiative. (More to follow on this)

The Bunbu Dojo Karate School is once again proud to be a different type of commercial sports school: One to which its members can contribute and one in which they can develop positive moral values.