An increase of processes…

Which we hope helps you?

Thanks to our members, we have the large bulk of enrollment forms in. You have also helped in tracing funds, confirming details and passing on supportive messages.

Our school was founded on good teaching and was never intended to be the business it has become. After 7 years, the school has become a home for hundreds of children to learn a martial art in an environment that suits them, but the administration has been lapse.

The collection of data, the hard copies of forms, the lesson data grids, the colour coded lessons, the extra curricular lessons, the Monday morning emails, and, this website/blog – have been a hard three weeks to establish, but, now we are up and running – Its time to get back to what we do best plus better administration processes.

I am pleased to say that we now available on:

Google+, twitter, Facebook (Via pages), Instagram and  online

Combined with regular emails, we hope that this year could be our best yet. download

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