Last Week in Focus

Other than an ‘up and running’ Website, we’ve had another busy week…balloonAround 250 people visited this site over 600 times šŸ™‚ We are also at 11 (5 star) google reviews

I started the week with a visit from an ex-student. Farah was kind enough to take a break from the Brunei Government to visit. It was lovely to hear about her adventures and I’m happy she is still connected to us and karate-do.

We’ve had some new visitors through our doors. Welcome to Arlo, Barney, Iris, Avneet. I hope your karate adventure is a exciting one.

We have some badges to give away – KAYA, Brothers -JAMES AND SAM, ABIGALE, and all the senior grades who helped this week. Archie Wishart comes from a family that has passionately supported us for 7 years – so he is getting a #BunbuDojo T-shirt. #Ossu

Our weekly lesson theme has been on COMMUNICATION, in which we have had our students increasing their speed to external stimuli. Our extra curricular class was ‘Bo’ in which we covered the kata ‘Shuji no kon sho’ and this week is ‘Tonfa’.

We also had out first DEVELOPMENT CLASS in which we promoted several students to 4th kyu. Well done guys. The next one is for YELLOW/GREEN belts on 5th November at 10am

Boris our new #dojoDog did the rounds over the weekend, and, the children adored him.boris

Thanks to the students for their kindness.

The student with the HIGHESTĀ attendance is NOAH CLARKE – well done!!!!

Remember – WE ARE OPEN HALF TERM, next week WITH A BESPOKE TIMETABLEĀ timetablehalfterm


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