Last week in focus 

A slightly chilled out week compared to the build up to the competition. 

We have another one on the 10th December if you want to join the squad. 

Yesterday the school donated time to teaching judo to children’s local Rugby school. This was received very well, and a few familiar faces were on the course. 

Thank you for the Birthday wishes 🙂

The adults went out for some drinks (and were very well behaved). All parents are invited to train on our 12pm Saturday class. We’ve had some interest, and one was even brave enough to walk through the door.

We have some promotions awarded:

  • Dylan Jackson 9th kyu
  • Tom Skidmore 4th kyu

Henry finished his 26days of running for charity. WELL DONE. I’m sure he’ll had much to say when we see him later. 

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