Last week in focus 

Congratulations to our new belts. 

  • Iris 9th kyu
  • Violet 9th kyu
  • Daniel 9th kyu
  • Noah 9th kyu
  • Thomas 9th kyu
  • Elliot 7th kyu
  • Jack 6th kyu 
  • Josh 4th kyu

Our 10am Saturday class is changing to Elite Level Training/Develop training. It will include a periodic fitness test and is open to those wanting to pursue competition / Higher level gradings. 

You will need: 

  1. Dogi
  2. Sports T-Shirt/hoodie 
  3. Trainers
  4. The correct attitude.

 KAA Nationals report

  • GIRLS Cpt Amy Woodcock 
  • BOYS cpt Tom Skidmore

Our squad did the school proud, with many competing for the first time in kumite. 

The girls kumite team: Amy, Lauren and Ava were inexperienced but managed to hold their own; discovering techniques that would yield many points. It was Daniel that showed the most experience on the day with competent, graceful movements and well-executed techniques. He bought the male team to a 2-1 victory. (Henry, Matty and Daniel)

A 1st place for Amy in the Kata, and her points secure Captaincy for the next event.

A 1st place for the pairs: Lauren and Ava, giving us our 3rd win

 Silver for girls team kumite (mentioned above) and Natalya secured our 2nd silver in Kumite. A well deserved silver for Joe in the indivual kata.

Plenty of 3rd places ensured a 4th place overall and plenty of scope for improvement. 

Well done team. With plenty of competitions next year. Send us a message if you want to be involved. 

Regional Team events in January. 

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