This week (and a bit) in focus

So we are back 🙂

And back with a bang! 

With a squad going to Sweden, (and opportunities for Helsinki and Poland later on!) this is a real step forward. 

In order to get into the European competition circuit, James will be travelling to Madrid to train alongside Elite athletes and coaches this weekend.

We’ve also added some additional fitness drills into our more advanced classes and turned our 10am class into Elite training. 

If you are in the Elite class then please remember 

  • Appropriate karate suit
  • Fluids
  • Running trainers
  • Sweat towel (if needed)
  • You may wear sports t-shirt and/or hoodie 

Well done to Zander who completed the first fitness drills in 1m 27secs.

Classes have been ‘front kick’ centric; working hard on those hip flexors and correct use of pelvis. 

Student of the week:

Maddy managed a great fitness time (both), she has demonstrated a great potential and is always willing to help.


Remember if you pay termly to get your fees in asap, and, membership/insurance is due for many of you (2017 cost £28)


  • 2017/001/R H. Powell (renewal Jan 2018)
  • 2017/002/WB M.Woodcock  (renewal Mar 2018)
  • 2017/003/WB A Woodcock  (renewal March 2018)
  • 2017/004/HQ J Martin (renewal March 2018)

Due before March.

Lucas Ian Stevens

Zayaad Surtee

Razeen Surtee

Madeline Whittaker

Lauren Knight

Asta Knight

Yusef Haroon

Ummer Haroon

Daniel Wilkinson

Jane Jackson

Freddie Jackson

Abigale Saunders

Kaya Sudra

Thomas Skidmore 

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