Last week in Focus

First of all well done to 

  • Elisa  – Orange Belt
  • Iris – Orange Belt
  • Oscar – Red Belt
  • Henry – Red Belt
  • Lily May – Red Belt
  • Nico – Yellow Belt
  • Ummer- Yellow Belt
  • Yusef- 6th kyu
  • Kaya -5th kyu 

Saturday we played host to #lincolnCitykarateAcademy #ryukarate Cannock and #rbkarate Grimsby.  There talented students and instructors have us some brilliant karate to use in our next competitions. That’s over 10 instructors trained with in a fortnight!!

Can’t wait until Sweeden 

Fitness winner in January was Angela Shang (tophy being engraved)

Student of the week was, Archie Wishart. Ossu! 

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