Last week in focus…

Our busy school had a truly busy week. Thanks to Sensei Rik, Louis and Natalya for teaching 🙂 It’s great that we have some support so we can push ourselves further. 

This weekend was our first European trip/competition in the beautiful city of Malmo, Sweden. 

We hope that this trip will be a regular one, and, part of this was research for next time. 

It was around 2hours to Luton airport for an afternoon flight to Copenhagen and a train into Malmo across the bridge. 15mins walk through the city to a very nice hotel. 

An early breakfast, but the children loved squeezing their own juice and making their own waffles-No one joined me for pickled herring! 

The event was very well organised and each event started on time with a full array of referees. They really were fair with the younger children and it was nice to see the hard work demonstrated on the mat. 
Sport is about moving forward, not winning. Lauren in her last competition let the nerves get time her-mistakes and unsteady footing were replaced with a confident performance from start to finish. She even earned her first flag in her favour.

Henry kata had grown in confidence since the last one and he even manage to win his first kumite match.

Amy was performing kata that were much more advanced than her previous competitions, so it will take time. Her kumite showed huge promise.

It wasn’t all karate, we had some fun too and giant hot chocolates.

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