Last week in focus

It was great to be back in the dojo after a weekend in Sweden. The students who went this European event were keen to work hard in this week’s training. 

Kumite was the weeks focus and thanks to all those that told us how much they enjoyed the lessons.

We have a few new starters (around 10) who have officially become part of the school. Welcome

We are putting together a team for the North East Open on the 26th March  (looks like we’ve got around 8 so far). This has an opportunity for an overnight stay, pizza movies and Nintendo Switch…

The new Nintendo has found its way into the dojo this week and we have found out that Noah is the eating champion and Lauren was a star boxer!

Next thing coming up (apart from the North East) is the brown/black belt grading on the 25th of this month. Remember to get your registration forms in asap

Also, please don’t forget to hand in your insurance/membership money AND forms. 

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