Last week in focus…

Sorry I’m a day late. It’s been one of the busiest weekends in a while. 

First of all, our senior grading. 2 second Dan, 4 first dan and 7 brown belts took there test under panel. Brown belts passed 🙂

Scarlett, Tom, William, Matthew, Josh, Heidi, Imogen

I can tell you that the 2nd Dan passes, Angela and Henry were successful and we await there confirmation of acceptance. Here is a 5 year old Henry: 

And here is Angela eating pizza this weekend: 

Which brings us on to this weekend – The North East Open. Medals for James and Natalya, an awful referee decision cost Angela her place. Tom and Joe continue to enthusiastically find their feet, but are developing nicely 

There was an overnight stay and we think we may have found a future summer camp venue. 

(Check out our live FB if you want details

LASTLY. Our Henry is nominated for young volunteer of the year for his charity. If you could vote for him and show some support – this would be great

Here’s the link (scroll through to end to vote)

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