July @ Bunbu Dojo 

Pink Belt month

Our chosen charity this year is Huntington’s Disease, a charity which affects our members personally. The aim of Each event is to appreciate the control we have over our brain and body. We hope to not only raise money but awareness too.
Annually we run a ‘pink belt month’ where students purchase and wear a pink belt for that month, the profits of which go to our charity. This year the month will be July. Order your belt for £5 and get involved. Order form overleaf.
We also have some cool activities to go with it:
The 5k, 10k, half and full karate marathon. 

 Sunday 2nd July, HQ Karate Little Tennis Street, 10am onwards
Coloured belts perform all 5 Heian karate Kata with a 1 minute run between each one. (Takes around 10/12mins). 
Brown belts and below perform all 5 heian kata, tekki, enpi, jion, bassai dai and Kanku dai with a 1min run between each one (under 30 mins)
Half karate marathon
Black belts perform All heian, all brown belt and 3 advanced kata. Each has a minute run between each. 
Full karate marathon 
Test both memory and fitness, experienced black belts perform ALL 26 shotokan kata and run for 1 min between each one. 
(If you wish to make this a sponsorship event, please ask. Or support by buying the event t-shirt)

Bring your parent to Karate morning. 
Saturday 8th July, Wightman Hall, 10am

Join in with your child for a morning of karate-do. Bring a water bottle and loose fitting clothing. 

3rd annual Club competition 
Sunday 9th, HQ Karate Little Tennis Street, 9am onwards

Family Orienteering Competition 
Sunday 16th July

Starting at HQ around Colwick Park and back race. 10am onwards

Starting at HQ, follow the map to various points around Colwick Park and back to earn the trophy. 

Pink (and purple) Disco, 
Tuesday 18th. HQkarate Little Tennis Street, 7-9pm 

Wear pink or purple and expect games and dancing. Awards also given.
Order and information form

Wanna get involved? Email the school asap with what you wish to do. Hqkarate@gmail.com (hardcopy forms are also available )

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