Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019

We are looking at venues for next year’s Summer Camp

6boys. 6girls and 4 senior helpers

It looks like we’ve found a venue an hour (or so) away in the peak district.

We’ll go back to our 2 night 3 day format. For some this is there first time away from parents so we’ll help with that.

The venue we are looking at is a isolated secure luxury barn with separate rooms that we can put six girls and six boys. (Separate bathrooms too). We have some other separate rooms for our older leaders, teachers, etc.

A separate games room.
And a 22×11 function room for our karate.

Obviously this comes at a cost, but we’ll keep as low as possible. (Running the numbers – it looks around £175 for the event to cover overheads)

Possible dates
Mon 29 Jul – Wed 31st
Tues 13 Aug – Thur 15 Aug

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