Phase 2.

Next week we start phase 2 of the Kata videos.
2 from List A, 1 from the others.

List A.
Heian 2, Heian 3, Heian 4, Heian 5. (Heian 1 and Tekki 1 is completed)

List B
Enpi, Jion, Kanku Dai. (Bassai Dai is completed)

List C
Meikyo, Bassai Sho, Ji’in, Hangetsu. (Chinte is completed)

If you have an opinion on which kata is done next please let’s us know.
This is on top of the live videos and online self study.
Next week certificates for

🥋who trains the most
🥋who gives the most to the sessions
🥋quiz winner
🥋best end of session selfie

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