Schools 2.6 challenge

These are difficult times, so I don’t want to push charities due to the amount of households struggling

But… As a school I will provide an opportunity for those who want to complete a karate ‘2.6’ challenge. I know how some of you are really passionate about this.

Shotokan karate has 26 kata (2.6 link)


A) perform a single kata 26 times (you can do an easy one with non karate household members or get your kids to teach you!?)


B) perform 26 kata using repeats of the ones you know


C) Do the 26 Shotokan Kata in order, once you get to a Kata you don’t know go back to the start of the list and keep going until you get to 26!


D) do the 26 kata in order. (I’ll be releasing
The 26 Shotokan Kata for you to follow along)

As a household you can decide if you want to monetise this, or use it to make the house hold think about people who need help. No pressure from this end – feel free to do the challenge for something to do.

If you complete one of the challenges, let me know and send you a virtual certificate of achievement.

1. Heian Shodan
2) Heian Nidan
3) Heian Sandan
4 )Heian Yondan
5) Heian Godan
6) Tekki Shodan
7) Tekki Nidan
8) Tekki Sandan
9) Bassai Dai
10) Jion
11) Kanku Dai
12) Hangestu
13) Enpi
14) Jitte
15) Jiin
16) Bassai Sho
17) Kanku Sho
18) Gankaku
19) Nijushiho
20) Sochin
21) Meikyo
22) Chinte
23) Gojushiho Sho
24) Wankan
25) Gojushiho Dai
26) Unsu

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