From Tomorrow

Online classes will now be split into levels
Outside classes will be on unless poor weather.

Understanding the schools grades
(Kyu = Stage)

Orange – 10th Kyu
Red – 9th Kyu
Yellow – 8th Kyu
Green – 7th Kyu
Blue – 6th Kyu
Purple – 5th Kyu
Purple/white – 4th Kyu
Brown – 3rd Kyu
Brown/white – 2nd Kyu
Brown/two white stripes – 1st Kyu

Class timetable

Saturday 11am (online) Orange, Red, Yellow
Saturday 11:30 (online) Green, Blue, Purple
Saturday 12pm (online) 4th Kyu and above
Sunday 9am (outside) Kumite Drills
Sunday 9:30am (outside) Kata Drills
Monday 5pm (outside) Heian Kata
Wednesday 5pm (online) Green, Blue, Purple
Wednesday 5:30pm (online) Teacher Training

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