Friday 4th September

We will be two running classes tomorrow at 4pm and 5pm

Numbers are will be kept to 12 students in each

So far we have 6 in the first class (6 more spaces)

And 9 in the second (3 spaces left)

Anyone interested in training tomorrow for the start of our 12th year must contact and book your place. You are welcome even if this is not your regular class, but we can have no walk in students please.

4 responses to “Friday 4th September”

  1. farah yasmin mughal Avatar
    farah yasmin mughal

    Hi James.

    Yusuf would like to join the 4.00 class tomorrow at lady bay please.



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    1. There are lots of brown and older children at 5pm – if he would prefer that?


  2. Avatar

    Hi James,   If still space, Archie would like to take part


    1. The last space is his
      Can’t wait to see him


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