Staying Safe

After our Friday Trial lesson, I would like to share our current training protocols

šŸ„‹Classed are capped at 12 so students can socially distance. Please stick to the areas you are assigned.

šŸ„‹Classes will end 5mins early to allow cleaning and turn around.

šŸ„‹Arrive in your uniform as we can no longer use changing facilities.

šŸ„‹Temperature checks will be carried out before lessons.

šŸ„‹Please do not enter the building whilst another class is going on as not to add to corridor congestion.

šŸ„‹Where possible, the first class will leave via a different exit before your class.

šŸ„‹Wash your hands before each class (hand sanitiser will be provided or you may use your own)

šŸ„‹Only use your water bottle.

šŸ„‹No karate contact such as kumite will be practiced and KIAI will not feature for a while.

These rules keep us training and I politely ask for your help to ensure they are followed.

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