Hey guys

The company account switched January 2020 when we become a Ltd company.

Bunbu Dojo Karate School Ltd
2954 9760

It’s not a massive problem for the few people who pay in to the other account- I just transfer it across. But that is the business account. What is a problem is the correct amount £25monthly.

Also, any problems with payment: It’s only a problem if you don’t tell me. I make decisions based upon OTE, new equipment, new classes, pricing, etc.

Currently OTE is also subtracting £10,750 overheads (not including petrol, equipment etc). This number keeps me awake at night so help me sleep by being quick to tell me any problems you may have with payment.

Pay as you go. If you have struggled as much as me in the last 15months, then I offer you a pay as you go option without question (I offer much more should you need it). This is not either/or – this is help. £25 monthly is still the only way to pay, but I am not a corporation- so please pay according to your household finances.

I will also make suits £12 (including badges) for the whole year.

Annual Insurance. Done via jksengland.com

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