Good Morning

Little man shipped to nursery, dog walked and podcast running in the back ground… IT’S ADMIN MONDAY!

You have a few days to get your monthly tuition payment – Any problems with this please contact ASAP. Please also get your student information form in as this will massively change how we communicate with you.

We will try and run karate through the holidays for the first time in 10years – which we hope will keep exercise up and give people somewhere to go should they need it.
Examinations will be soon, so I’ll communicate that to you shortly. With shortages of spaces to hire, it may have to be first thing on a Saturday/Sunday morning (8am, 9am). So could I ask people what is best for you to book it.

Parents. If you have a business that you would like me to share. Please send it me and I will put it on the FB page. It might not be straight away (and this is not an endorsement), but anything I can do to help?…

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