What age should I start?

No this fella is not fronting a boy band! This fine individual is Isaac Jefferson.

Isaac started his karate journey aged 4, and, although we saw immense talent – he spent a great deal of his first years spinning on his head! Isaac was a typical 4year old in the sense he tried very hard during activities (that he found fun) and couldn’t keep still when instructions were being given.

This has never bothered us. Children being allowed to be children is fine by us. We know that getting there is more important than everyone getting there the same way. Isaac has an endearing way about him, tons of natural talent – if he wanted to ‘bumslide’ into line on occasion. I’m all for it. After all – He was 4 (then 5!)

This philosophy clearly paid off, as four years old became five became 12! Now we have a fine young karateka standing often at the head of the line kicking us all in the head.

We’re ridiculously lucky to have so many students who train all the way through primary school and we get to watch students grow in personality (and height). Isaac is part of the Radcliffe furniture and a highly valuable member of the school.

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