Creativity. Sensei and Student

I could use many analogies but I’ve decided I’m going to use IKEA!

A martial arts class is full of components; teacher led drills that when assembled lead to purpose. Blocks, strikes, kicks. The teacher using the knowledge they have amassed to standardise the class.

When beginning, the hope for the teacher is the student working towards solid fundamentals. If enough components are learned, the patterns, combinations and fighting will fit together nicely – Flat packed basics. Assembling solid outcomes!

The aim is to have something that you can be secure in. Each karate move being put with something else to give you something useful, practical and maybe even beautiful!?

If you are a novice to building furniture and are brave enough to venue outside of IKEA to purchase flat pack, you may appreciate how well-thought about IKEA is as you despair over poor instructions, split MDF or non existent counter-sunk holes!!

The teacher of martial arts must consider what is to be built and ensure that the instructions, drills and guidance are clear enough to end up with a final product. To little instruction, poor drills/motivation, etc. And the end product may give either the teacher or the student satisfaction

The ultimate aim lies not in the satisfaction of purpose built furniture. But the spark of creative to build your own or better yet – Carpenter.

Martial artist work towards produce art. Scales on the clarinet, painting by numbers, finger knitting, flat pack furniture! All (could be) starts to journey of being an artist. Teacher led processes leading to student creativity. Where could your karatedo journey lead??

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