Month End

It’s a few days until September ends, so we will be checking off tuition payments on Tuesday – Thursday.

Simply – there must be a payment in the account by Thursday. Jaime will be going through the attendance cards; highlighting payments not found.

The cards with no payment found will be checked by myself and I’ll confirm if an agreement to pay by session is in place or a rogue reference has caused confusion

As always, if you pay by bacs and have forgotten- please transfer ASAP.

Have you got the correct account (sort code 20-63-25 since 13th July)?

Could you also check references (we currently have 7 Olivers!) to have first and second name. Seperate payments for multiple family members helps.

This month hall hires run at just over £1500 so every penny counts.

If you help us with this, I can keep our school fair priced and fix fees. Everything has gone up, let us be the one thing that doesn’t.

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