our HOUSE BADGES. A brief history…..

Many years ago when I had the dream of HOUSE BADGES – I crudely designed them with google stock images. The Lion, Wolf, Stag (and Rhino) plus the BUNBU DOJO name. Each with a different colour representing the EARTH, FIRE and WATER.

As a school we have always been lucky enough to not only teach great children, but have talented parents, and, one such parent was an incredible illustrator who was able to communicate my ideas much better than I ever could. So was born these unique animals badges to represent each house.

The designs by Kay van Bellen (kayvanbellen.com) are phenomenal. You can also check out her Instagram page by searching ‘Kayvanbellen’. As she took her wonderful family to the Netherlands, I do miss our chats her endless support and kind words.

Sadly, I have sat on these designs for a long time as initially I waiting for when the school was big enough to share them properly. Then finding a company that produces them to the high standard needed, then a baby, etc etc.

Starting back after this difficult time I think having these badges seems right. The first batch have sold out and the money raised will go towards printing another 20 of each house. So… If you would like a uniquely designed house badge in the next run. Complete the form below. Each Badge is £5.

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