Tonight’s Kata Course

First of all, Good Morning.

We’ve had a good response to the Kata courses put on this week (and next). To make admin easier could you either stick your course fees in an envelope or bacs BEFORE the event with a clear student reference.

The aim of today is cover two JKS Kata taken from the JUNRO series. These play a role in the black belt exams and will play a greater role in the wider syllabus from next year. Also bringing students together after the last few years is never a bad thing!

Those who enjoy these kata will also be able to expand upon them and enter a separate kata division at high level JKS events.

6:30 – 7:30pm Rushcliffe School.

ps If you have your house badges on – 1point for your house.

One response to “Tonight’s Kata Course”

  1. Payment made via BACS for Amy for both weeks. Thanks. Jon

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