Over the past few months we’ve had a huge uptake on followers to this site and it’s greatly appreciated.

After nearly 14years of teaching the communities of Rushcliffe and beyond, my focus is still the same. Teach ANYONE who wants to learn karatedo. The vast majority of extra curricular activities are sadly out of reach for certain people. Not just financial reach – Villages (who have to travel), Different abilities, Too young (too old). Our school seeks to:

Challenge those who pluck prices out of thin air and consequently deprive those who need martial arts.

Work with villages and hire vital community buildings.

Work with (and respect) young children.

Provide a timetable that works with you. Offering a 6 days a week with a varied program to engage and challenge. Over the years as you take up different activities, we can work round that.

We cant always get it right. Sometimes by focusing upon the many, we can miss the few. Our starting point is: By providing karate, how can we provide the best to our members?

Sadly, we don’t win awards. You will not hear about our charity efforts or the amount of time volunteered to community projects. If you need us – just ask. The “thank you” messages are not asked for and are not used to promote our school (but are always appreciated). The amount of free tuition is not mentioned and the vast majority of our positives are hidden for only our members to see.

Thank you for following. Thank you for supporting.


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