Morning Everyone

First of all, thank you for your support of yesterday. It was a mammoth of an event to stage and I’m thankful for all the messages of thanks (and photos) I’ve received.

Bunbu Dojo Karate Exam March 2022

I have a few things I need to do on the back of yesterday.


GET THE NEXT ONE BOOKED IN TO GIVE A LONG NOTICE. SO…. I’m pleased to announce the next exam will be June 26 at 12:30pm at the same venue


We have a great number of 1st kyu grades who need the opportunity to sit A BLACK BELT EXAM should they reach the required standard and they wish to. SO… I’m going to rethink Monday nights (6:30pm) in the short term, remind students of Tuesday 7pm class which covers Dan grade syllabus AND add a mock Dan grade exam and course to the next grading.

Current 1st kyu: Fletcher Adkin, Matthew Archer-Robinson, Monty Soloman, Jack Cockram, Isaac Jefferson, Dillon Carrington-Brown, Elin Evans, Logan Trow, Rose Scott, Chinnu Anand, Elliot du Buisseret, Freya Keegan, Ava Creagh, Noah Clarke, Sam Shonfeld, James Shonfeld, Saachi Kanaiya.

Thank you everyone

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