IT’s TIME!!!!!

After so many years of incredible highs (and some absolute lows). I’m thinking hitting the 200 student mark needs to be reflected with a PARTY!!

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS week is upon us. Not only has karate helped with navigating the natural anxiety of hearing loss as a child, but it’s been a constant for nearly 4 decades; giving purpose during those difficult teen, university, young adult and adult life.

You guys have been part of my life in a positive way and I would like to celebrate the milestone of having this Karate School that is still going strong after nearly 14years.

Let’s get dressed up and come together.

I have NO VENUE (yet!)

I have NO DATE (yet!) – I’m thinking July

I have NO HELP (yet!) – But, I’m sure the excitement of a PARTY will rally you all.

I’m getting older and this achievement, needs to be marked so I can smile in my old age and that life memory you gave me.

One response to “IT’s TIME!!!!!”

  1. Bruce Wishart Avatar
    Bruce Wishart

    Party on Dude! If I am available to help (shifts etc) then count me in Congratulations on this achievement




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