I didn’t think I’d ever be a Dad!

Years had gone by and it wasn’t happening. I’d made peace with it and I invested all of my energy (and time) into developing the thousands of children who have come through our doors.

🥋A child centric school led by myself.

You can imagine how unprepared I was at aged 40 when I met my son. And by 43 I was a father of 2 boys.

I love the thought of passing on my karate to them and showing them our school that we’ve built.

Life has changed, I’ve changed and the school has evolved.


🥋We are going to open some of our classes to allow parents to train with their children. Or uncles, godparents, grandparents, grown up siblings?

Myself and Sensei Rik can’t be the only parents with their children.

This is a new thing for us, but if you would like to learn Karate with your child OR BY YOURSELF then join me (and mine!)

Contact for more information

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