The problem with the black belt…

Now. First off there is no real problem with it. The problem for a student – is how can I get one? The kyu grade system (“Kyu” meaning “stage”) of coloured belts has a small disconnect with the Dan grade system (“Dan” meaning “Levels”) Students who attend karate for a time period and learn theContinue reading “The problem with the black belt…”

Sensei Makita Course

Yesterday students attended an event on behalf of JKS England and JKS Harrow to train with Sensei Makita, JKS Honbu Dojo Instructor. I’ve asked the students to write up their experience, so expect that soon. The training was in Harrow and lasted 3hours covering basics, kumite and advanced kata (Gojushiho-Sho, Sochin and Kashu) The nextContinue reading “Sensei Makita Course”

What chance to we have?

I’m sat at my laptop responding to emails, message and updating records. Standard administration day! Facebook plays a huge role in my business presence and around 25% of all communication happens through this platform. As I run a karate school, my algorithm is set to sell me ‘7 figure martial arts companies’ or ‘getting “highContinue reading “What chance to we have?”