Teaching children, ‘kumite’.

One of the biggest problems in teaching [high level] karate to children is language. In what universe should a 4/5 year know the word, Fighting? In our experience, the word kumite is often taught as ‘Fighting’. This (incorrect) rhetoric, creates extensive barriers between children, adults, and, more importantly – parents. Kumite and ‘Fighting’ share anContinue reading “Teaching children, ‘kumite’.”

Last Week in Focus

Other than an ‘up and running’ Website, we’ve had another busy week…Around 250 people visited this site over 600 times 🙂 We are also at 11 (5 star) google reviews I started the week with a visit from an ex-student. Farah was kind enough to take a break from the Brunei Government to visit. ItContinue reading “Last Week in Focus”

Brown Belt Development Class

Tomorrow (Saturday), we are piloting our new ‘Development Classes’ We have sub-divided our school into 4 crucial stages: Beginners Fundamental (7th, 8th kyu) Advanced (6th – 4th kyu) Black Belt (3rd kyu+) These stages allow us to map where people are and bring them together at appropriate events. Tomorrow, we bring together Blue, Purple, Purple/White.Continue reading “Brown Belt Development Class”

An increase of processes…

Which we hope helps you? Thanks to our members, we have the large bulk of enrollment forms in. You have also helped in tracing funds, confirming details and passing on supportive messages. Our school was founded on good teaching and was never intended to be the business it has become. After 7 years, the school hasContinue reading “An increase of processes…”

October’s Kata focus

Other than your kata study, this month’s Kata focus will be Brown Belt’s alternate: Enpi Black Belt suplimental: Meikyo If you turn up to any of our Black Belt lessons (See timetable), their concepts and techniques will feature through October. I hope a few of you will be able to perform a good version forContinue reading “October’s Kata focus”