Everyone should have access to quality martial arts school.

Karate is one of the world’s most popular martial arts and the style we teach is the most popular within karatedo

What makes us stand out amongst the many schools out there?

Have you noticed that the price of sport is going up?

The franchises swooped in and the martial arts aligned their prices to match.

They seem to charge A LOT from A LITTLE hoping to make it big enough to charge A LOT from A LOT!

So our school charges A LITTLE from A LOT.

We’ve worked hard to build a club of nearly 200 members. We take our tuition and instead of lining our pockets…

….We offset karate suit prices (currently £12 no charge for badge), put on discounted trips, provide discounts to those who need it (writing off tuition in certain cases), pay our helpers, pay more than we should on community hall hires, repurpose equipment, no charges for stripes on belts…in fact – no charges for belts.

There are 10 examinations to become a black belt (8 if you start older). That means you are not paying out for tests every few months.

We are linked to one of the most respected karatedo organisations in the world. So your black belt has value too.

  • We are open 6days across Rushcliffe
  • Classes are split into age groups
  • Fair pricing (constantly reviewed) to allow ANYONE to train
  • Traditional Karate using modern principles
  • Fully transparent. Other schools ARE welcome and OUR members train where you want!
  • We remember that it’s your hobby, so we’re all about you. Not us.


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