School Leaders


James Anthony.

James is the instructor you will see the most as he is paid full time by the school. He’s trained karate since his hair was thick and black and watched both his black belt and hair fade!!! James has worked with 4 large Karate Schools over the past 26 years and helped to make them strong, community based places for people to learn karate

Rik Hemsley

Rik is the instructor that you’ll always see at the Weekends and he is the one that keeps us all grounded. We run all decisions by Rik and we are glad we do – probably the reason why we’ve lasted 12years!! Rik’s hair is the opposite to James – it grows more powerful each year and is probably stolen from James’ head!

Joe Skidmore

You will see Joe if you train at the weekends, but his teaching role is Wednesday. All instructors of the Bunbu Dojo have a great deal of patience with our students and Joe is no exception. If Rik stole the hair, Joe is taking James’ height; growing as James shrinks!

Archie Wishart

Archie takes the Monday teaching slot, and trains in classes Monday-Wednesday. Like Joe (and James), Archie started his martial arts journey as a very young child and fully empathises with our student’s journey.

Amy Woodcock.

Amy is always on hand to help and is joining us on our Thursday slots. You will see her in any class because when she misses her regular slot she makes it up with other classes and will travel to do so.

SCHOOL ASSISTANTS (Our most senior students who help out at with lessons and have a good attendance)

Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel Wilkinson is a legacy member, training forever…….. He is one of the few skilled enough to lead our advanced classes and you will see him in our Tuesday classes (or on the golf course)

Asta Knight

Another legacy member and trusted senior to teach ANY member of ANY standard in our school. Why are all our members so talented?

Ollie Dobson

Ollie has been helping on our Friday classes for years. He used this volunteering to work alongside his DoE and is staying on, we are glad he is.

Joe Lawson

Joe is a long standing member who thinks long and hard about his karatedo. He can be found helping the students of Ladybay and I think we all appreciate that he does.

Abigail Saunders

Abigail is one of our long standing members who has been joining us in the Thursday sessions, helping with the junior grades.

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