Road Map to awesome

Not long until we return!

Pay as you go available until we are up and running properly.

Share if know anyone.

As places are limited
You may attend a 2nd class, but please select a PRIMARY class as your secondary selection may be taken by new members if busy.

Once you attend a class, you will be given the option to automatically book the same slot for the following week or if you know you are away, please allow us to fill the space for people wanting 2nd classes in the short term.

Any spaces will be advertised for you to take should you want them.


Remember to book your slot for the week beginning April 12th.

Unless you’ve been told the slot is yours – there are no guarantees (especially in the popular time slots)

You can attend any of the following classes

Monday WB 5:30
Tuesday WB 7:30
Wednesday LB 4pm or 5pm
Thursday (Shelford) 4:30 or 6pm or 7pm
Friday 4pm or 5pm
Saturday 10am or 11am

Those who are black belts, or needing voluntary experience (ie DoE) may help in a 2nd class.

After today I will be releasing slots to the general public or offering those who want a 2nd class. If you know anyone who wants to join our school, send them our way.

EB and Radcliffe

Good news
ALL Thursday classes can be run from Shelford Village Hall

East Bridgford 4:30pm, Radcliffe 6pm and 7pm Thursday classes can resume from Thursday April 15th

If you would like to join in these classes let me know below or message me

We have limited numbers so please confirm your space. AND during these times pay as you go is more than fine.

New faces are fine, but older members always come first..

Return to venues

Back to physical training.

Venues we have confirmed, booked and paid for
Max. 15 per class

Ladybay Scout Hut
Wednesday 4pm 14th April 15spaces
Wednesday 5pm 14th April 15spaces

Friday 4pm 16th April 15spaces
Friday 5pm 16th April 15spaces

West Bridgford Scout Hut
Saturday 10am 17th April 15spaces
Saturday 11am 17th April 15spaces

All classes have to be prebooked (no later than the day before the class) and you may pay per class.

Those who attend are given priority for the next weeks classes.