A good day at the office.

I am happy to report that our team of 22 individuals, bought back to sizeable medal haul from the 2nd Newark Open. Well done guys!! 

Many of the team are first timers, and, captured the necessary fair play and understanding that it has to start somewhere. 

Some of the team, who last year didn’t medal – were rewarded this year. Amy Woodcock was even awarded with ‘competitor of the day’ to go with her 5 medals.

Tom Skidmore with a Gold in kata was a great victory for a hard worker, Harry Clarke managed a Gold in kumite – holding his nerve until the end (against a very good competitor). Gold for Amy Woodcock in Musical Kata ! Our first entry into Weapons kata  (this year there were Bo, Sai and Nunchuku) yielded a Bronze from Joe Skidmore. 

We entered the maximum number of Pairs and Teams for experience, which we will build upon for the future. 

I haven’t got a final medal count or School Rankings, but around 25 medals for our school. 

It was almost worth dressing up for:

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