Last week in focus 

We’ve entered December, so our kata focus

Bassai (all) and Tekki (all) this month. 

Well done to our new grades

  • Zach 10th kyu
  • Lexi 9th kyu
  • Florence 7th kyu
  • Elliot 7th kyu 
  • Archie 4th kyu
  • Heidi 4th kyu 
  • Razeen 3rd kyu
  • Zayaad 3rd kyu

Well done guys. 

All week we’ve been concentrating on the difference between side thrust and snap kicks. Here’s the Radcliffe lot in fine form:

Small business Saturday had many of you responding to our FB post- thank you.  

As it is Small business Saturday. I’d like to thank those who support my karate school. 

It’s hard to work for yourself when you have little business acumen or the administration skills of a banana! But, you guys keep me going with a kind word, sarcastic quip or massive hug and it’s often needed. 

Paying the bills with a childhood hobby is madness, but I hang out with some of the best people I know so… THANK YOU.

With the Nationals on Saturday, the dojo is closed. 

Caption competition ?

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