Bunbu Dojo Offer




Fancy learning KARATE?

We are busy with examinations but why not join us in the NEW YEAR?

In fact….Any potential students who contacts the school between TODAY and MONDAY can start in JANUARY and train FREE the whole month.


START your journey to black belt with our 7day Rushcliffe School (days in Gedling too)

πŸ…Children ONLY. Adult ONLY classes. Older children ONLY classes

πŸ…Young children specialist

πŸ…14 hour timetable

πŸ…West Bridgford, Ladybay, Radcliffe, East Bridgford, Carlton locations

πŸ…Social enterprise school. A fair priced martial arts school

πŸ…Active social and competition calendar

Email. Hqkarate@gmail.com


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