Important Notice

It is with a heavy heart (and watery eyes) that the school will no longer be holding group class until further notice.

I love teaching and the thought of not seeing you guys everyday is absolutely heartbreaking.

The lessons will now be online (details to follow), found:

πŸ₯‹Our YouTube channel

If you need anything, please ask.

I will also look at teaching through the 6week holidays and putting on as many courses to catch up as possible.

For those who can – your continued subs will be used to continue paying the halls we hire. I want to make sure that our communities are impacted as little as possible

For my self employed and business owner friends and clients. I understand how hard this is and I will help you anyway I can, during and afterwards.

As a CFS/ME sufferer. May I offer a piece of advice during bouts of self isolation and anxiety. As well as 5 pieces of fruit/Veg a dayπŸ₯•πŸ₯¦πŸŒπŸπŸ₯‘, make time for 5 points of fun each too. Look after your mental health.

2 responses to “Important Notice”

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    Thanks James.Fully understand and appreciate the reasoning.Take care and stay wellBruce


    1. Great feedback. Thanks


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