Teaching children, ‘kumite’.

One of the biggest problems in teaching [high level] karate to children is language.

In what universe should a 4/5 year know the word, Fighting?

In our experience, the word kumite is often taught as ‘Fighting’. This (incorrect) rhetoric, creates extensive barriers between children, adults, and, more importantly – parents.

Kumite and ‘Fighting’ share an element of truth, but in miss the beauty of both the action and word.  If we imply the ‘joining of hands to be marriage – The beginning stages, for most, would be a positive experience. ‘Joining hands’ would represent much than the act of placing a ring of a finger, and signing a book.

Kumite is the ‘Meeting of hands’. Not just to strike your partner ad. hoc, the initial ceremony and respect shown keeps our children learning something of value, and their parents free from perceiving menacing acts.

A simple change from ‘fighting’ to ‘Meeting of hands’ allows the implication of violence to be replaced with the beautiful art that is… Kumite

As a school, that takes absolute pride in its ability to teach the very young (and young at heart) – Language is one of our key teaching skills at #bunbudojo Nottingham


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