This week in focus

Closing this term, our final week has been kumite centric. We’ve had some innovative teaching, involving swimming noodles, flags and whistles.

Focusing upon blocking, parrying and body evasion- this week we have tried to build our students confidence in their kumite.

Noticable students this week:

  • Henry Vervoorts (Black Belt)
  • Reuben Chandy (Advanced Student)
  • Charlie Tang (Fundamental)
  • Lucas Devaney (Ookami)


These students had multiple wins (or finalist) against their peer group.

We promoted the following students this week:

  1. Roberto Pero 1st kyu
  2. Matthew Carter 4th kyu
  3. William Carter 4th kyu
  4. Lucas Stevens 7th kyu

We say goodbye to Lucas, who is moving away with his family. We wish him the very best of luck and will miss him immensely

Captains for next half term

Monday 4pm

  • Evelyn (Water)
  • Lucy (Earth)

Monday 5:45pm

  • Ava (Fire)
  • Archie (Wind)

Tuesday 4pm

  • Max (Earth)
  • Molly (Fire)

Tuesday 5:45pm

  • Freddie (Water)
  • Rais (Wind)

Wednesday 4pm

  • Taran (Earth)
  • James (Water)

Wednesday 5pm

  • Anais (Fire)
  • Joe (Wind)

Thursday 4:30pm

  • Louis (Water)
  • Teddy (Earth)


Thursday 6:15pm

  • Abby (Wind)
  • Charlie (Water)
  • Elin (Earth)
  • Daniel (Fire)


Friday 5pm

  • Ollie (Earth)
  • Bella (Water)
  • Loic (Wind)
  • Beth (Fire)

Saturday 11am

  • Ben (Earth)
  • Noah (Wind)
  • Sara (Water)
  • Scarlet(Fire)

Advanced Students Coffee morning on Saturday was fun. We always enjoy encouraging our children’s social skills

Welcome to our new members this week. Iris, William and Dillon.

We would love you to join us for half term training, and, welcome students to take part in a Novice Competition 20th November

See you soon.







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