Timetable week commencing 14th

All classes from last week are available this week

Wednesday + Friday ladybay 4-6pm
Thursday East Bridgford 4:30pm
Saturday West Bridgford 9am-12pm

This week we have the addition of
Rushcliffe School Tuesday at 7pm

Monday+Tuesday WB Infants

I would be heartbroken to lose WB Infant school as it’s our longest hall hire, but totally respect any venues right to assess safety, but I’m still hopeful.
If there is a problem, from next week I can run the Monday class from Rushcliffe School, but I’m struggling for Tuesday at the moment.

🥋🥋If Monday Rushcliffe (around the same time 5:45) is something you can do, could you let me know ASAP.🥋🥋

Tues+Thursday Radcliffe

I’m hoping to return, but this is being run through committee at the moment. I’m sure I’ll have a decision soon.

2 responses to “Timetable week commencing 14th”

  1. b.wishart@ntlworld.com Avatar

    James,Are the kids allowed to attend more than one less


    1. Unless the 2nd class is 10am, I could probably make room.


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